Wolf Creek Carvings - Chainsaw carvings, wood carvings, bronze, sculpture, by Robin Deruchie

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Wolf Creek Carvings is located in the picturesque Land O' Lakes region in Cloyne, Ontario, Canada.

Original chainsaw carvings hand-crafted by Artist Robin Deruchie can be viewed by appointment and special pieces can be ordered and crafted by the Artist. For more information and to view samples or learn more about Robin's work, view the chainsaw carvings gallery, wildfowl carvings, bronze sculptures, or sold pieces.

The technique


Robin Deruchie creates his carvings with the use of several tools, but uses chainsaws to carve the majority of his pieces. He sometimes uses angle grinders to shape, and die grinders for finer detail. Finishing technique depends on the type of wood used and the subject being carved. For example, the soot look of a black bear's coat can be achieved with a deep burn, oil paint washes can create eye catching feathers, and on some wood - the grains and colors can be brought out with a natural spar finish. Robin has also created carvings accented with a table, bench or even a lamp pole to create functional art.

Upcoming Events

Wolf Creek Carvings will be doing live Demos September 6th & 7th at the - Warkworth Fall Fair

Warkworth Fall Fair